Sewing SE Asia’s rich tapestry for ATF


Fuchsia Lane, a womenswear label, took on a bold challenge by Singapore Tourism Board to design a shirt for ministers and heads of state attending ATF 2017.

Designer Vivienne Ong-Lin and her team spent a month visiting the Peranakan museum and shophouses, talking to artisans and poring over historical books for research and inspiration.

The result was a shirt with a simple Mandarin collar, sleeves piped with batik trim and simple embroidery of orchid blossoms and buds on the left side of the front yolk. For female ministers, soft crepe scarves in lilac and with rich embroidery were created.

With over 1,800 embroidered orchids, 500 hand-sewn buttons, 400 hours in the making for 38 distinguished ministers and heads of state, this is one outfit to cherish and keep.

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