Hong Kong Disneyland strikes while the Iron Man’s hot


Come January 11, 2017, Hong Kong Disneyland is leveraging superhero power with the launch of the long-awaited Iron Man Experience, the first Disney theme park to make use of the company’s Marvel licence since acquiring it in 2009.

The main attraction is a 4D ride featuring Tony Stark as Iron Man battling villains across Hong Kong’s streets and sights. Visitors can also look forward to Iron Man-themed retail shops, restaurants and an exhibition showcasing Iron Man suits.
According to Travis Zhu, associate business development manager at Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL), the travel trade has been kept in the loop regarding the opening of the new attraction zone. Industry feedback has been good too, he shared.

While the famed Disney princesses always held a natural allure for families and females, Zhu is confident that the superhero attraction zone can attract an untapped traveller segment – millennial males.

“We are also seeing about 90 per cent of our visitors being FIT travellers. Tour groups don’t favour theme parks as much,” he added.

A special preview of the ride is set to take place on December 23. Fam trips for the media and trade is likely to take place in January, revealed Zhu.

Adding to recent debuts such as Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point, the Iron Man Experience’s launch comes at an opportune time for HKDL and is expected to bring back some of the spotlight stolen by the new Shanghai Disneyland.

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