EventBank app pushes for Asian expansion

LAUNCHED in 2013, Beijing-headquartered event management and mobile app platform EventBank is gearing up for its next phase of expansion, aggressively targeting local associations and corporations, and increasing its presence in Asia.

Eric Schmidt, CEO and founder, said an office in Silicon Valley was set up at the beginning of the year while a Hong Kong branch opened in March. EventBank also has a Shanghai office.

Describing EventBank as an “all-in-one” platform for customer relationship management, emails, event management and membership management for association clients, Schmidt said the proprietary system was suitable for clients with six or so events. However, he also counts Am Cham China, which runs some 400 events a year, as a client.

“Most of our association and chapter clients average around 100 events a year and it is a less expensive product for small events of about 30 people,” he said.

Schmidt added that that the cost structure is based on usage and could range from US$1,000 to US$100,000 annually.

In 2012, Schmidt ran 100 industry forums and conferences, and said that he created EventBank as he could not find a product that combined the components of what an event manager needed and was scalable.

“The biggest advantage is EventBank is all-in-one, centralised, does not use multiple technologies and was developed based on user experience, (which was) what I wanted for myself.”

As to why EventBank was launched in Beijing, Schmidt explained it was costly to build B2B software in Silicon Valley. Instead, he assembled a team of international creators in the Chinese capital.

His clients include professional service providers in accounting and law, financial institutions, technology, IT, and industrial product companies. Community, non-profit organisations and women’s associations are also using EventBank.

The app is currently available in English, simplified Chinese and Spanish. Three more languages will soon be introduced – traditional Chinese, Korean and one more Asian language (which has not been confirmed).

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