Agents in Maldives to revive PATA chapter there

Abdulla Ghiyas

PATA is partnering with the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) to share opportunities and resources between the two organisations, including the revival of a PATA chapter in the Indian Ocean archipelago.

An MoU was signed by Abdulla Ghiyas, president of MATATO, and Mario Hardy, CEO of PATA, during PATA Travel Mart 2016 held in Jakarta earlier this month.

“Signing of this MoU marks a success in our efforts to build corporation with international organisations and institutes, which we believe in the future will add value to our programmes and projects,” said Ghiyas.

“Going ahead, MATATO will be more engaged with PATA events and programmes worldwide, and we will be working together to host PATA events in Maldives in the near future.”

Under the agreement, both organisations will extend cooperation in areas of research and publication, advocacy, training and human resource development and destination marketing.

They will also work together to revive PATA Maldives chapter and bring PATA affiliated programmes to Maldives.

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