New hotel openings: September 5 to 9, 2016

The latest hotel openings and announcements made this week


Hotel Jen Beijing
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ third Hotel Jen is set to open in January 2017. The 450-key property will be located on the first 22 floors of the new China World Trade Center development in Beijing’s Chaoyang district and boasts both standard rooms and suites. A co-working hub, the only gastropub in the CBD, an all-day-dining restaurant serving local and Asian cuisines, 13 flexible meeting spaces, a multifunction venue able to fit 300 pax as well as a 3,500m2 mega health club are also available.


Kandima Maldives
Pulse Hotels & Resorts, founded last year, will be opening its first property come December in the Maldives. Kandima Maldives, self-proclaimed to be the first lifestyle resort in the country, will boast 274 studios and villas spread across 11 categories of rooms starting at US$320 per night. Facilities include the longest pool in
 the Maldives with waterslides, 10 F&B outlets, tennis, badminton and squash courts, 24-hour gym with personal trainers, a spa, steam room and sauna, yoga studio, marine biology school, art studio, kids club, games room, photo studio and library. The property also features RFID wristbands for guests to use as a key and wallet.

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Banyan Tree Bodrum
Banyan Tree Holdings in partnership with developers Nef to establish the 70-key Banyan Tree Bodrum, a new luxury resort to open in Yalıkavak, Bodrum in spring 2017. The resort features a resort spa concept spanning over 2000m2 of space comprising 14 spa suites each with a private pool, 40 standard rooms and 30 branded suites. The signature Banyan Tree Spa will offer body care and facials in private treatment rooms and other venues. Other amenities include three restaurants, a private lounge and library, and a sunset bar.

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