Philippines signs ASEAN open skies agreement


THE Philippines has finally agreed to the ASEAN Open Sky Policy, paving the way for full third, fourth and fifth freedom rights for ASEAN carriers.

The Philippines was the last holdout to ratify Protocol 5 and 6 of the Multilateral Agreement on Air Services (MAAS), which will open up Manila to all South-east Asian carriers.

Welcoming the Philippine government’s move, Avelino Zapanta, SEAir international president and CEO, and former Philippine Airlines president, said: “This bodes well for the rest of the aviation industry, such as travel and tour operators, but especially for the flying public.”

Cebu Pacific vice president for corporate affairs, JR Mantaring, said: “The Philippine aviation industry has reached a milestone. This will ultimately benefit the traveling public as the Philippines opens its airspace to vast travel opportunities and operational efficiencies between and among ASEAN carriers.”

Before this, the Philippines operated under the Pocket Open Skies policy, which allowed for third and fourth freedom rights anywhere in the country except Manila.

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