Travelport Smartpoint gets new features

TRAVELPORT’s point-of-sale platform, Travelport Smartpoint, has received a series of upgrades and new functions catered to the needs of travel agents.

A new addition to the booking platform is the ability to search for hotels by vicinity using a full or partial address. Previously, users had to refer elsewhere for more information.

A hotel billback solution has been integrated into Travelport Smartpoint, which enhances security and automates the manual reconciliation process utilising Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) provided by eNett International.

Web portal SeatGuru, which allows travelers to choose airline seats and in-flight amenities, has also been integrated with the platform. Reviews from the site are now accessible directly from Travelport Smartpoint, allowing agents greater convenience for sales of ancillaries.

Jason Clarke, managing director for agency commerce at Travelport, said: “We are constantly talking with and listening to our travel agency customers to find out exactly what their requirements are and these new enhancements come as a direct response to those conversations.”

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