Plan in place to address Singapore’s hospitality manpower crunch

plan-in-place-to-address-singapores-hospitality-manpower-crunchCredit: 123rf

THE Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) have launched a Sectoral Manpower Plan (SMP) to improve the skills and productivity of the hotel industry.

With the number of rooms predicted to increase more than 20 per cent by 2020, the hotel industry is expected to face increasing challenges like slower workforce growth and mismatched aspirations between job seekers and hospitality jobs.

The SMP – the first to be launched under SkillsFuture – aims to better attract and retain Singaporeans for the industry, groom talent for leadership roles, improve job quality and identify emerging skills needed.

Lionel Yeo, chief executive, STB, said: “As part of STB’s ongoing journey towards quality tourism, we are ramping up our efforts in working with the tourism industry to raise capabilities so as to better deliver a differentiated experience to Singapore’s visitors.

“In this regard, the hotel SMP is a critical blueprint to attract and retain Singapore talent, as well as develop a skilled workforce to support the industry’s growth,” he said.

The plan comprises five key initiatives to help employers manage a tightening labour market: Enhanced internships; SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme; SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative; SkillsFuture Study Awards; and measures to galvanise interest in hotel careers.

WDA’s chief executive, Ng Cher Pong, said: “With the hotel SMP, we have mapped out the exciting career progression pathways for individuals who are keen to enter the hotel industry.

“The SMP identifies emerging skills required in this industry and outlines how individuals will be supported in their quest to acquire deep skills…we believe that it will help to transform the hotel industry and enable it to be future-ready,” Ng added.

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