Diethelm unveils new Distinctive product line for fulfilling travel

ASIAN DMC Diethelm Travel Group has unveiled its Diethelm Distinctive product line with an emphasis on authentic, educational and fulfilling travel experiences, in a bid to sharpen its USP against the popularity of OTAs today.

“There are many travellers who want to do more than simply visit a place, they want to experience and to learn,” says Maarten Groeneveld, CEO of Diethelm Travel Group. “This kind of traveller is not satisfied with pre-packaged culture or nature experiences. He or she wants to meet local people, explore and possibly also to give back to a local community.”

The answer is therefore to “provide the extra personal value for travellers that cannot be obtained from OTAs”, said a Diethelm release.

A Diethelm Distinctive itinerary includes learning elements that enable travellers to acquire new knowledge about local people, culture and the environment.

This includes an evening food tour in Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, or canoeing by starlight to explore the caves in Phang Nga.

More information can be found on the Diethelm website.

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