Amadeus’ new merchandising system to allow for personalised offerings

AMADEUS is developing a new Global Merchandising System, which purports to let airlines create dynamic offerings at any time, through any point of sale, on any channel, through any device, to reach the consumer.

Delivered through Amadeus’ direct retailing and distribution systems, the Global Merchandising System relays search results based on real-time intelligence and information from both buyer and seller. This gives airlines the ability to develop personalised offers.

Both the new Global Merchandising System and Amadeus’ direct retailing and distribution systems are available to Altea and non-Altea users, and will be compatible with the upcoming NDC XML industry standards.

“The introduction of dynamic and flexible merchandising tools for airlines will give them the opportunity to deliver a unique and personalised customer experience for each traveller and in doing so, could unlock significant revenues,” said Julia Sattel, senior vice president of airline IT at Amadeus.

“Each customer values something different in their travel experience and Amadeus can help airlines to become intimate with their customers’ needs and deliver them the experience they want, increasing both their loyalty and value.”

Research by Amadeus unveiled that airlines are already earning US$50 billion in annual revenues through the sale of ancillaries, and a further US$53 billion could be earned by adopting an omni-channel strategy for the same services by 2020.

It also expects a further US$77 billion to come from new innovation in travel technology in the same period.

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