Hoshino Resorts makes maiden overseas foray with Bali resort

HOSHINO Resorts is gearing up for the launch of its new Bali property in 2014, heralding the Japanese high-end resort operator’s arrival on the international hospitality scene.

The new resort in Ubud will be the fourth property to carry the company’s flagship brand, Hoshinoya, offering 30 rooms, a restaurant, spa, and banquet room.

“Hoshinoya is a ryokan brand, but we mix Western and traditional Japanese concepts. Our goal is to open Hoshinoya Bali in December 2014,” said Takuya Yoshioka, who handles the company’s global sales & marketing.

He expects up to 50 per cent of guests at Hoshinoya Bali to be Japanese, for whom Hoshinoya is already a household name.

The company’s expansion ambition is driven by CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino’s desire to bring Japanese brand hotels to the world, Yoshioka explained.

Acknowledging that Bali has no shortage of high-end international hotel brands, he commented: “Competition will be harsh, but we believe if we can compete in such a market, we can be an international brand. It’s very important to us that Hoshinoya Bali succeeds, and then we can move on to the next destination.”

“Someday if you go to London or Rome, we’ll be there,” he quipped.

Hoshino Resorts currently operates three Hoshinoya properties, one each in Karuizawa, Okinawa and Kyoto. In addition to Hoshinoya Bali, the company will open Hoshinoya Fuji in Yamanashi (20 to 30 rooms) in 2015 and Hoshinoya Tokyo (80 rooms) in the Marunouchi district in 2016.

It will also open two resorts under its traditional ryokan brand Kai in Tochigi’s Nikko and Kawaji in 2Q2014. Both properties are expected to have 30 rooms, each boasting a private hot spring. “The aim is to reach 30 Kai properties in the next few years,” said Yoshioka.

With Singapore being the fifth largest source market for Hoshinoya Kyoto after South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the UK and the US, Hoshino Resorts also works with luxury travel agencies in Singapore such as Fascinating Holidays and Quintessential Travel Planner.

“We have also applied for two booths at next year’s NATAS Fair in February, one for Hoshino Resorts and one for Hoshino Resort Tomamu,” he shared.

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