Risk management, data security, mobile to top corporates’ agenda: HRG

HRG group commercial director, Stewart Harvey, said: “All clients demand a level of control to ensure their corporate duty of care responsibilities are met. Travel managers require at the the touch of the button the ability to see where their travellers are and have the risk management procedures in place to help them when they are in need.”

Meanwhile, the increased number of incidents of compromised corporate data and the risks it brings to personal privacy have sharpened companies’ focus on the security of their travel-related data, said Harvey.

“In order to mitigate risks associated with data protection and privacy, our advice to clients is to put in place a global data consolidation strategy. By consolidating their travel related data with a TMC, quality control assurances will be put in place to protect corporate and traveller information. The added reporting capabilities will also deliver increased compliance and reduced data leakage.”

HRG also expects to see additional demand for more advanced mobile technology next year, which poses further data security challenges.

Harvey explained: “Business travellers are often first adopters of new technology. They understand there is more than just reading their itinerary, so demand for additional functionality to improve the business travel experience will continue to grow in 2014.

“At the same time, corporates need to understand the risks to data associated with travellers going it alone. By implementing security standards and measures surroounding the use of unprotected sites, the flow of data and access to confidential material, corporates can facilitate a safe operating environment for travellers to work in, utilising the technology that will suit them most.”

HRG believes that cosolidating the travel programme will also help companies in cost savings. “Travel managers can leverage on the additional card and expense management data brought into the travel programme.”

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