NATAS kicks off accreditation programme

ON MARCH 14, the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) officially launched a new accreditation programme, which will recognise individual travel consultants for their abilities (TTG Asia e-Daily, February 22, 2013).

Travel consultants who apply to be accredited will be assessed by their direct superiors and the NATAS Accreditation Panel on criteria such as academic qualifications, relevant skillsets, work experience, job competencies and customer testimonials. They will also have to undertake a self-assessment.

Tourism professionals who complete the process and meet the criteria outlined by the programme will be conferred one of three titles: Accredited Travel Associate, Accredited Travel Professional and Senior Accredited Travel Professional. The three different titles are meant to reflect the travel consultant’s work experience and other relevant skills and qualifications.

Furthermore, accredited travel consultants will receive an official NATAS accreditation logo and photo card as proof of their professional status.

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