Win a US$7,000 travel agency coaching programme


LOVE the tips offered in TTG Asia‘s A-Zs of Successful Agencies but need help putting them into practice? Tip Sheet columnist Adrian Caruso, founder and CEO of TA Fastrack Australia, is giving away a three-month online coaching programme that will provide one winner with a makeover of their travel agency business.

A former travel agency and hotel owner/operator, Caruso now coaches travel, tourism and hospitality businesses throughout the region.

Coaching includes
•  An in-depth analysis of an agency’s travel business including a step-by-step Master Action Plan to help the agency achieve its business goals
•  9 x 1 hour strategy and mentoring sessions with Adrian Caruso to implement the strategies outlined in the action plan
•  3 x 1 hour training sessions for agency staff over the web
•  Critical evaluation of all course assignments given
•  Access to a vast library of top-notch travel business success tools

Expected results
The winner will receive a Master Action Plan that includes a step-by-step road map that will guide the agency towards a minimum increase of 61 per cent in profits within 90 days. This is based on the condition that the agency completes the work outlined after each strategy and mentoring session, and it achieves a 10 per cent increase in the five key profit areas of business the agency will be primarily working on during the three months.

This contest is open to all travel agency owners or top management in travel agencies. Tell us in less than 100 words about your agency and what you’d like to start doing differently in your business. Send in your entries to with ‘Contest Submission’ in the subject line by June 18, 2012.

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