Malaysia ponders restoring VOA for Indian travellers

MALAYSIA is considering reinstating its visa on arrival (VOA) facility for Indian nationals to keep up with the rising number of Indian visitors to the country.

The facility was withdrawn in May 2008 amid concerns over illegal immigration.

Veneeta Rawat, director, Amazing Vacations Mumbai, said: “Malaysia is a very popular destination for Indian tourists. We hope to package more Malaysia tours for this holiday season if the VOA approval comes through soon.”

Meanwhile, to cater to heightened demand during the ongoing Indian holiday season, Malaysia Airlines has hiked the frequency of its daily Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur service to 12 flights per week till the end of the month.

Sharifah Norjulishima, CEO, SNR Group Kuala Lumpur, said: “VOA and the added flights will create a greater demand for Malaysian destinations, and could mean continued business as Indian tourists are known to (be repeat visitors).”

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