Have Stilettos will travel

THE FIRST travel agency in Singapore for women travellers only has opened. Its name? Stilettos Travel, of course.

The company offers Asian programmes, but will expand to other parts of the world. It focuses on heritage and culture, exotic destinations that single women travellers may find difficult to travel to if travelling alone, and CSR-oriented activities. Itineraries are designed around regular sightseeing, but made more “involving” by including interactions with the local communities.

It also offers a Travel Buddy Pairing service to help women find like-minded travel companions.

Founded by two women entrepreneurs, Tay Lay Suan and Anna Koh, Stilettos Travel has since organised trips to Bhutan, Siem Reap, South Korea and Hua Hin. Group sizes range between four to 10 pax.

“As women ourselves, we noticed that travel agencies could not cater precisely to our needs. What does a woman look for when she travels? She wants a programme focused on her interests, good company, and above all, she wants to be assured of her safety,” said Tay.

Added her co-founder, Koh: “On top of this, we find that many of our female friends would very much like to travel and experience the world, and have the means to do so, but are often constrained by companionship and differing interests with their spouses or families.”

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