Trafalgar records twofold increase in forward bookings

TRAFALGAR, which specialises in European and North American guided vacations, has reported a twofold increase in 2012 forward bookings out of Asia and Singapore, as compared to the previous year.

The latest figures from the company reveal a demand hike for its top European destinations, including France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, as a result of the weak European currency.

Nicholas Lim, regional director of Trafalgar Tours, said: “Key drivers for the increase in sales are the new product offerings, increased travel agent distribution network, and the weak US and Euro currencies.”

Meanwhile, Trafalgar’s CostSaver packages to Russia, as well as luxury First Class packages to South America are also proving a hit with Singaporeans. CostSaver packages target young professionals and tertiary students in their twenties, while First Class packages target the older, affluent segment.

“Singaporeans planning for 2012 vacations are snapping up tours to exotic destinations in Eastern Europe, Russia and South America,” said Lim.

“They are looking for new experiences and destinations as part of their holiday, and are turning to immersive experiences in evergreen destinations such as Europe and North America, and also less-trodden destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, Morocco and Russia.”

Lim added: “Giving rise to this trend is the increasing affluence of Singaporeans, who covet more distinctive experiences as part of their holiday.”

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