More females, young professionals travelling for leisure

MORE females and young professionals in Singapore are travelling for leisure, according to a recent survey by Insight Vacations of about 5,000 of its Singapore-based customers.

The findings revealed that 58 per cent of the customers polled were females as compared to 42 per cent males.

The age group of 43-65 years (baby boomers) constituted 48 per cent of total travellers. The next largest group was young professionals aged 21-42 years, which including honeymooners, have been Insight Vacation’s fastest growing clientele base in recent years.

The findings also revealed that 66 per cent of the total travelled with their spouses, 12 per cent travelled with relatives, 14 per cent with friends, and only eight per cent travelled alone.

In choosing the tours, Singapore travellers paid attention to the places visited (40 per cent). Hassle-free tours ranked high on their list of choices – 38 per cent, while the price/value of the tour is also important (36 per cent).

Singapore travellers are also particular about the hotels they stay in (30 per cent), while the reputation of the travel agency is also an important factor for making the choice (29 per cent).

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