A luxury at IT&CMA

A LUXURY travel component will be added to IT&CMA from 2012, the year the show celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Far from being strange bedfellows, BT-MICE and luxury travel go well together, according to Darren Ng, managing director, TTG Asia Media (organiser of IT&CMA), who notes that these markets have more similarities than differences.

“They are both niches and high-end markets. We’re also noting an increase in luxury MICE groups, particularly from Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore, and our feedback consistently shows buyers requesting for more ‘tailormade’ and ‘unique’ luxury products to cater to increasingly sophisticated clients,” Ng said.

The luxury travel component would attract a new set of luxury travel buyers worldwide, benefiting sellers, while IT&CMA buyers would stand to gain from a new range of products, Ng said.

The move brings for the first time a luxury travel show to South-east Asia, a region which Horwath HTL’s research, The Future of Luxury Travel, done in conjunction with International Luxury Travel Market, identifies as one of the fastest-growing luxury destinations in the world.

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Additional reporting by Linda Haden

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