Rail Europe opens Asian flagship store in Hong Kong

RAIL Europe has opened its Asian flagship retail outlet in Hong Kong in partnership with Sincerity Travel, a leading local agent for train travel in Europe.

The company’s expansion into Asia is in response to a significant increase in demand for exploring Europe by train, especially among university students and younger travellers.

Philippe Kirsanow, Rail Europe’s sales director for mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, said Hong Kong was selected for Rail Europe’s flagship in Asia, as a model and reference for its other regional markets.

“Bookings in Hong Kong were up by 48 per cent from January to April this year, with a 141 per cent increase in April alone,” he said.

Sincerity Travel chairman, Lam Keung, added: “Train is the only way to really explore and experience Europe, and passes aboard Rail Europe are exceptional, affordable value for young travellers.”

With a focus on university students and youth travel, Sincerity Travel has been Rail Europe’s premier sales agent in Hong Kong for over a decade. The group operates six retail outlets in Hong Kong, one in Macau and one in Guangzhou.

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