Kuoni Connect keen on Asia

ASIA is a major blimp on Kuoni Connect’s radar as the region grows in significance, both as a source market and a destination.

Frank Woller, Kuoni Connect’s head of sales and marketing, said the company would add Japan and South Korea as destinations by early next year. “We are evaluating (the destinations) now and looking at when and how to integrate the product in our inventory.”

Last year, Asia and the US produced the biggest growth rates for Kuoni Connect, which is striving to grow its global business. At present, Europe accounts for 70 per cent of the business, and the company is looking at both Asia and India as major destinations and source markets in the future.

Demand for Asian products stemmed mainly from European and Asian markets, said Woller, who expects double-digit growth for the region this year.

Thailand, China and Hong Kong are its top destinations in the region, excluding India, but Woller believes Singapore will feature more prominently in the years to come as the company changes its structure for the city-state.

“We will start to do our own contracting for Singapore this year, instead of relying on third-party contracts,” explained Woller. “This will allow us to be more competitive in the market.”

– Full report in TTG Asia

By Ollie Quiniquini

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