Singapore, Tokyo good for baby boomers, not so much millennials

Singapore well-suited to families and baby boomers

Singapore and Tokyo placed among weekenGO’s top 10 cities for baby boomers to visit for the weekend, but Asian destinations were absent from the ranking of best cities for millennial travel.

Singapore ranked sixth best city for baby boomers to spend a weekend in. With an overall ranking of 27th, the city placed well (11th) for families too, but is much less favoured for millennial travel (31st).

Singapore well-suited to families and baby boomers

The Lion City fared best in mobility (ranked second, scoring 96.13), security (ranked 14th, scoring 96.06) and dining (ranked 17th, scoring 95.15).

It did not do so well, however, on measures of walkability (84th, 81.72), concerts (74th, 77.88) and LGBT-friendliness (71st, 80.30).

With top marks (100) for dining is Tokyo, placing it close behind Singapore in eighth spot for baby boomer travel. Japan’s capital also did well on measures of mobility (89.3), cultural events (94.24) and security (98.49).

Meanwhile, weekenGO’s 10 best cities for millennial travel are (in order) Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, Zurich, Dublin, Munich and Edinburgh.

To determine best cities for millennials, factors such as LGBT-friendliness, women safety, concerts, clubs, bars, accommodation, green spaces, walkability and mobility were considered.

While Asian cities did not make the top 10 for millennial travel, Shanghai snatched the winning score for the best club options.

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