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Asia/Singapore Tuesday, 3rd October 2023
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The way forward

In the face of adversity, some travel agents have chosen to keep their spirits up with training and alternative business, while others have reworked operations to face a new travel future. In this final instalment of a three-part series on the Asian travel agent community, we check in on Indonesia and Singapore.

Chinatown Murders game tour

Beyond a simple heritage walkabout, Tribe Tour’s new Chinatown Murders game tour sets participants on the trail of a fictional serial killer through one of Singapore’s iconic cultural districts. Pamela Chow joins the hunt

Singapore trade band together to uplift tourism industry

There is strength in unity, as the old adage goes. And that saying has never rang truer than for a tourism industry fighting to rise from the pandemic’s ashes.

Singapore travel agency rolls out virtual tours with a twist

With border restrictions keeping foreign tourists at bay, Singapore operator Monster Day Tours is aiming to keep tour guiding alive by launching a double...

Guiding ways

As experiential tours cement their standing in travel, the need for tour guides with niche knowledge, greater accountability and authenticity is swelling.

JNTO Singapore calls for entries of creative Japan itineraries

Japan National Tourism Organization has initiated The Dream Japan Journey contest exclusively for Singapore travel agents to craft creative and original Japan itineraries, in...

Boutique tour operators mushroom in Singapore amid experiential travel wave

The red-hot experiential travel trend is fuelling the rise of young tour operators in Singapore, as the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)...

Six travel agencies in Singapore suspended

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) have suspended six travel agents from conducting travel agent activities with effect from August 26, 2019. The six travel agents...

Errant company fined for unlicensed travel agent activities

The Singapore State Courts on November 28 convicted SS Scuba for carrying on the business of a travel agent without a valid travel agent...

Catching up on the digital

Singapore’s travel agency sector gets an upgrade, thanks to more stringent regulations and a slew of initiatives aiding in the transformation of members into stronger players.

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