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Tag: Meaningful Travel

Power of the young ones

The youth travel segment is growing and has the potential to support tourism’s positive impact on cultural longevity, sustainability and local businesses – yet...

Marriott International expands positive travel opportunities for guests

Marriott International has expanded its Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy programme, from just 15 pilot hotels to nearly 100 hotels and resorts now across...

New yardsticks: Goodbye volume; hello quality dispersal and spend

It takes two to tango, so (destination developers and marketers) have been shaping the narrative the right way themselves, through messages that inspire meaningful, immersive and sustainable travel.

Slow and fulfilling living in Macao

The growing need among people to decelerate and reassess life priorities post-pandemic is encouraging the adoption of slow, purposeful travel – and Macao is a good place to start

Marriott Bonvoy puts purpose into travel

Marriott International has launched Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy, a programme that aims to offer meaningful travel by helping tourists forge connections with local...

Effecting change in travel purpose

There have been many predictions made at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic about how travel and tourism would return when borders reopen. The...

A recovery dream yet fulfilled

Early predictions by industry observers that meaningful travel would come into favour as tourism recovers, inspired by reflections on life and responsibility to Mother...

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