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Tourism recovery in Europe slows with airlines inadequately prepared: GlobalData

Recovery of international travel from Europe has slowed down as queues and cancellations grow due to airlines failing to adequately prepare for the great...

OTAs push their boundaries to thrive in post-lockdown era

The past decade’s explosive growth path, coupled with soaring demand for digital-first experiences to accommodate changing consumer behaviours and purchasing patterns, have presented OTAs with many opportunities.

Eco badges a boon for travellers seeking transparency

Travellers now require higher levels of transparency from companies in terms of their environmental performance, as shown in a poll by GlobalData. Almost 75 per...

Low-cost off-peak travel options a magnet for millennials, Gen Z: GlobalData

With two billion holidaymakers aged 25 to 34 in 2021, the second largest segment of travellers, data and analytics company GlobalData says travel and...

More cruise travellers are booking direct: GlobalData

Cruise bookings have shifted away from intermediaries and OTAs, with many travellers opting to book directly with the cruise line, according to GlobalData’s findings...

Google poses ongoing threat to OTAs: GlobalData

The pandemic's impact on OTAs has amplified their existing concerns around the growing presence of Google in the market, and how the tech giant’s...

Indian tourists to be highly sought-after, says GlobalData

Indian tourists will be some of the most desirable travellers, given India’s growing economy, young population and rising middle class, according to GlobalData. The analytics...

IoT set to play bigger role in post-pandemic travel: GlobalData

Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help to ease traveller concerns regarding personal health and safety, while allowing travel and tourism companies to collect...

Asia hotels’ battle of price and value

Competition among hotels to fill their rooms has intensified over the past year, with rates being slashed as much as 70 per cent to win over an increasingly price- and value-conscious traveller.

Longer trips look set to boom post-Covid

The pandemic has triggered greater demand for lengthier holidays of more than ten nights, according to a poll by GlobalData. The data and analytics company...

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