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Asia/Singapore Thursday, 22nd February 2024
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Tag: Casinos

Thailand gets closer to legalised gambling

Thailand’s long-standing resistance to the legalisation of gambling and casinos looks like it will be consigned to the past after a proposal to create...

Macau casinos shutter as Covid restrictions tighten

Macau's determination to keep her casinos running despite the pandemic has fallen through as the city continues to struggle with her worst-ever Covid-19 outbreak. Casinos...

Macau casinos to reopen

Macau’s casinos will reopen for business on Thursday, as the 15-day shutdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 comes to an end. However, the South...

Caesars opts out of Japan casino race

Caesars Entertainment has announced that it will no longer pursue a license for a casino in Japan and will instead focus on its current...

Keeping the amusement

Asia’s integrated resorts are not just casinos with auxiliary facilities attached, but destinations offering seamless leisure and entertainment attractions. Here’s a look at how they continually reinvent the wheel to stay ahead of the curve

China said to mull legalising gambling on Hainan

China is reportedly drafting a proposal to allow gambling on Hainan, a move that would allow betting on the mainland for the first time,...

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