Take a short break in Australia’s Northern Territory with AAT Kings

AAT Kings has launched two new Short Break tours for 2024, allowing travellers to enjoy time-efficient travel experiences in the Northern Territory.

AAT Kings Short Breaks range from two to five days, and provide a blend of iconic sights, local culture immersion as well as opportunities to forge new connections, all while being led by AAT Kings’ knowledgeable Driver Guides.

Explore Australia’s Northern territory with AAT Kings’ two new Short Break tours

The first new Short Break is the three-day Kings Canyon and Uluru tour, where guests embark on a journey to witness the vibrant colours of the outback sunset against the majestic backdrop of Uluru. They will delve into the rich red ochre landscape, home to unique flora, fauna, and ancient Aboriginal rock art, as well as experience the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, offering sweeping views and geological formations. The inaugural departure is scheduled for May 15.

Next, immerse in the wonders of the Australian outback with the comprehensive four-day Kings Canyon, Uluru and Kata Tjuta tour. Witness the sunset at Uluru while indulging in sparkling wine, followed by a sunrise experience at Kata Tjuta. Traverse valleys and canyons as guests uncover the geological marvels, rich history, and cultural significance of the region. This second Short Break will depart on its inaugural journey on May 7.

AAT Kings is now offering a five per cent discount for bookings by February 29.

For more information, visit AAT Kings.

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