Sabre, Malaysia Airlines launch NDC content

Malaysia Airlines’ NDC content is now available through the Sabre travel marketplace, enabling the carrier to expand its offer-and-order based retailing to travel sellers.

Sabre-connected travel sellers in key markets can now shop, book, and service Malaysia Airlines’ NDC offers, alongside traditional content options, through Sabre’s Offer & Order APIs, agency point-of-sale solution, Sabre Red 360, and Sabre’s corporate booking tool, GetThere.

Malaysia Airlines’ NDC content is now available through the Sabre travel marketplace

Malaysia Airlines’ NDC offers are now available through Sabre’s marketplace in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK, with additional markets to follow.

Both companies have worked together for more than 20 years, with the carrier already using an extensive suite of Sabre technology, including Sabre’s GDS and a suite of network planning and optimisation solutions.

“It’s essential that Malaysia Airlines has the capabilities it needs to get its content in front of the right travel sellers, as the carrier continues to ramp up services and introduce new products,” commented Kathy Morgan, vice president, product management, distribution experiences, Sabre.

Dersenish Aresandiran, chief commercial officer of airlines, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), said: “It’s essential to us that we can provide travel sellers with the best omni-channel purchase experience when shopping for, and booking, our fares and offers. Joining Sabre’s growing family of NDC airlines will enable us to effectively provide our enhanced offers and rich content to travel sellers so they can make the best decisions for travellers.”

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