Costa Serena to homeport at Malaysia’s Port Klang

Costa Cruises, along with cruise operator Hwajing Travel & Tours (Hwajing), has established its first international cruise homeport at Port Klang in Malaysia.

The strategic decision to anchor Costa Serena at Port Klang aligns with Hwajing’s commitment to exploring new markets and offering passengers an unparalleled travel experience.

Costa Serena will homeport at Port Klang in Malaysia

Both companies have also embarked on a journey to explore the vast potential of the untapped Muslim travel market, customising its services and offerings to cater to the specific needs and preferences of Muslim travellers.

With a 75-year history, Costa Cruises made its foray into the Asian market over 15 years ago. Costa Serena homeporting at Port Klang will not only redefine luxury cruising in Malaysia, but also acts as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth – as the inaugural international cruise homeport, it will have a spill-over effect, invigorating Malaysia’s economy and unlocking opportunities across various sectors.

“This Costa Cruises and Hwajing partnership signifies a paradigm shift in travel,” said Francesco Raffa, director of region and growth markets, Costa Cruises. “This collaboration promises a positive and promising trajectory for Malaysia’s cruise industry, reflecting a shift towards culturally sensitive and friendly travel experiences.”

“Even during the pandemic, we maintained a close working rapport with Costa Cruises,” said Kenny Cheong, managing director of Hwajing Travel & Tours. “The strategic choice of Port Klang as Costa Serena‘s homeport underscores Malaysia’s emergence as a maritime hub, poised to cater to a diverse international clientele.”

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