Bagpipes, blessings, and bottle breaking

Silversea has officially named Silver Nova during an intimate ceremony in Fort Lauderdale on January 4, honouring maritime traditions to welcome the Ship of Light to its fleet.

As a customary tradition of Royal Caribbean Group (RCG), bagpipes resounded through Silver Nova’s theatre to mark the commencement of the ceremony, followed by a performance of the US national anthem and an exclusive screening of a commemorative video to honour Silversea’s 30th anniversary, which the brand celebrates this year.

Nina Compton (middle) has been named as godmother for Silver Nova

After the vessel received blessings from Reverend Sanford Sears and Rabbi Adam Watstein, Silversea’s president Barbara Muckermann and RCG’s president and CEO Jason Liberty announced Silver Nova’s godmother, Nina Compton, a celebrated chef, restaurateur, and television personality.

Rounding out the ceremony, Compton – accompanied by captain Cosimo Pontillo – officially named Silver Nova and triggered a magnum-sized bottle of champagne to smash on the ship’s hull, before Liberty led guests in a toast to mark the momentous occasion.

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