Victoria’s High Country unlocks local secrets with new campaign

Victoria’s High Country in Australia has launched a new campaign where visitors ‘sign’ a secret pact online to get access to the wonders of High Country, which have been a well-kept secret among locals, up till now.

​The new You Didn’t Hear It From Me campaign invites visitors to ‘sign’ the High Country Secret Pact and unlock the best of what the High Country has to offer, with exclusive insights, responsible exploration, and an unmatched connection with local providers – yet helping to preserve the secrets of the region.

The latest campaign introduces local favourites such as the Tasting Pod experience at Swiftcrest Distillery, pictured

To showcase the region’s best kept secrets, Tourism North East (TNE) scoured the High Country for locals to share their favourite hidden gems. Drawing inspiration from local insights, TNE created their inaugural short film that offers viewers a glimpse into its hidden wonders while emphasising the unique opportunity offered to those who wish to explore the road less travelled.

Bess Nolan-Cook, CEO of TNE said: “We know the High Country locals enjoy connecting with new people and showcasing the beauty of the region. However, they’re concerned their favourite spots will be overrun with tourists who are just there for (Instagram-shots). ​

“We chose to craft the short film You Didn’t Hear It From Me because some things, especially the breath-taking allure of the Victorian High Country, defy description – they demand to be seen, felt, and experienced.”

Steve Dimopoulos, minister for tourism, sport and major events, remarked: “Our beautiful High Country is a must-see tourist destination in Victoria, and we want to bring more visitors to the region which gives a boost to the local economy. This campaign will help bring more visitors to venture off the beaten track and explore the hidden gems of the High Country region.’’

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