Ascott introduces sustainability passport at Somerset properties

The Ascott Limited (Ascott) has deepened its sustainability commitment with the launch of Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme, which will engage guests in a series of eco-friendly activities, wellness programmes and community initiatives at Somerset properties globally.

It is aimed at promoting family bonding during stays while encouraging sustainability awareness, programme activities.

The Somerset Sustainability Passport Programme aims to engage guests in eco-friendly activities, wellness programmes and community initiatives at Somerset properties worldwide

Examples of what to expect from the programme include a unique plant adoption drive, where guests can learn to cultivate plants in reused cups and bottles, at Somerset Suzhou Bay Suzhou in China; and herb-planting for children in an eco-friendly rooftop garden at Somerset Rama 9 Bangkok in Thailand.

Somerset also aims to educate guests on the importance of physical and mental well-being through workshops and classes at participating properties.

To build family bonding and interaction with the local community, guests can join cultural workshops and city tours to heritage locations.

The programme further seeks to educate kids on eco-friendly and community-related tasks that they can undertake in their daily lives. Through an engaging Sustainability Passport booklet, kids and their families can explore their property and complete meaningful tasks.

A unifying task that runs through the programme is a call for families to opt in for GoGreen, an eco-friendly initiative that allows guests to select a reduced housekeeping frequency via the DiscoverASR mobile app and receive Ascott Star Rewards points that can be redeemed for future stays. Upon completion, kids will be rewarded with prizes including limited-edition collectibles that are unique to each property.

“Sustainability is a global challenge that requires collective effort. By actively involving our guests in these efforts, we are not just telling them what the Somerset brand stands for; we are amplifying our impact to create a lasting emotional connection. Small individual actions, when multiplied across our portfolio of Somerset properties globally, can inspire our guests of all ages, especially the next generation, to recognise the importance of taking practical action today,” shared Tan Bee Leng, managing director for brand & marketing, Ascott.

“Positioning ourselves as forward-thinking and socially responsible in a world that increasingly values sustainability and inclusivity, is a strategic imperative for Ascott which goes beyond the transactional nature of business.”

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