Cleanse body and mind at TIA Wellness Resort

TIA Wellness Resort is embracing nourishing raw food cuisine, detox therapies, and holistic wellbeing practices from sound healing to private yoga sessions in its new retreat package Body & Mind Cleanse.

The four-night or seven-night offering draws from different healing modalities so guests can detox and release toxins from the body, while also improving vitality through letting go of what’s holding them back on a mental level.

TIA Wellness Resort’s new wellness package comes in four- or seven-night options

A key element of the new package is intermittent fasting, a practice where all the food consumed in a day is eaten during an eight-hour window. When the fast is broken, guests follow a plant-based raw food meal plan, designed to give them more energy, vitality and nutrients.

The carefully-crafted meal plan is paired with a full schedule of healthy activities each day, such as a private yoga lesson, wellness treatments, private breathwork session, and more.

In addition, there is an optional creativity workshop which takes an artistic approach to self-healing; followed by the Detox Hydrotherapy Circuit or Sound Healing Therapy, and then in the evening, a 30-minute Tai Chi session before a two-course raw dinner. The day ends with a treatment of the guest’s choice from a broad array, ranging from facials to massages.

For guests who opt for the seven-night option, day three starts early with a trip to the Marble Mountains, five karsts named for the five elements.

Available year-round, The Body & Mind Cleanse is priced from US$2,694 per person for the four-night stay and US$4,221 for the seven-night option.

For more information, visit TIA Wellness Resort.

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