Changi Airport Group launches carbon offset initiative for travellers

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched Changi Carbon Offsets, giving passengers a convenient option to offset the carbon emissions from their air travel, regardless of the airline that they are travelling with.

With the aid of an intuitive carbon calculator on the Changi Airport website and Changi App, passengers can calculate the carbon emissions from their forthcoming flights based on the origin, destination and class of travel. They will then be offered the option to offset the emissions from their journey using their credit card for payment.

Changi Airport Group has selected a set of carbon offset projects, such as installing a water purifying system for villagers in Rimba Raya (Photo: InfiniteEarth)

In partnership with Carbon Clicks, a New Zealand-based carbon offset company, CAG has selected a set of carbon offset projects which help to conserve and protect existing forests in Indonesia, plant forests in China, as well as provide wind power generation in India.

Furthermore, CAG will also be purchasing carbon offsets for all business travel by CAG staff.

In its commitment to sustainability, the group is also working closely with the airport community to improve the energy efficiency of the airport’s buildings and operations, enhance waste management and recycling, conserve water resources and ensure that airport facilities and functions adapt to the impact of climate change.

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