Luxury Lodges of Australia launches new trade and media portal

Luxury Lodges of Australia (LLoA) has launched a new portal for its trade and media partners to navigate the complexities of planning experiential luxury travel in Australia.

The comprehensive online resource provides easy access to high quality marketing assets, media resources, planning and training materials to an extensive suite of backgrounders relating to experiences and sustainability in travel, accommodation configurations and child policies required by travel planners.

The new portal provides access to marketing assets, media resources, and other information required by travel planners; one of the properties, Sal Salis, pictured

It is a consolidation of the tools, resources and reference tools the team at LLoA has developed over the 14 years since the organisation’s inception in 2009 to assist media and trade distribution partners navigate the detail required to accurately and professionally plan, promote or sell high-end experiential travel to and within Australia.

The online portal is accessed via a one-time registration and offers five key sets of materials.

Marketing Assets include links to high quality, up-to-date assets including image and video libraries, YouTube and Vimeo channels, white label brochures, social media connections, maps and logos.

Media Resources offers access to a set of current and evolving media backgrounders, such as news on the lodges’ collective impact on the regional communities in which they operate, while Planning Tools include resources such as suggested itineraries, range of experiences, a live availability calendar, ideas and information for small group travel, child policies, what’s included at each lodge, and more.

There are also interactive training sessions and access to Tourism Australia’s Aussie Specialist Program, as well as foreign language resources under Training Resources. The Enquires section offers next steps for connection with the lodges and some of Australia’s signature experiences.

LLoA’s executive chair Penny Rafferty said: “We’re thrilled to share this online resource which we hope will be useful for our partners to inspire more travellers to discover the incredible people, places, culture and stories that define Australian travel.”

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