The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Intan present a Peranakan stay package

A Peranakan Heritage Room in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has partnered The Intan, a private Peranakan home museum, to launch an exclusive Peranakan-inspired accommodation experience for hotel guests.

Those who book the Peranakan Heritage Stay room package will enjoy accommodation in guestrooms that have been dressed up with details reflecting the unique blend of Chinese and Malay cultures that defines the Peranakan community, alongside other specially curated privileges.

A Peranakan Heritage Room in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Guests can expect floral motifs and batik-inspired fabrics in the rooms, while an artful display of decorative ceramics, porcelain, and pottery adorned with Peranakan-inspired designs. Completing the experience is a selection of handmade Ondeh Ondeh and Hae Bee Hiam cookies, embodying the taste of classic Peranakan flavours.

Guests who book the room package will also be able to enjoy a nostalgic Peranakan afternoon tea at The Courtyard, featuring classics such as the Kueh Pie Tee (an appetiser featuring a crispy tart shell filled with shredded Chinese turnips and a mix of thinly sliced vegetables and prawns), and Mackerel Otah and Cucumber Sandwich. There will also be a house-made Pandan Coconut Scone served with Nyonya kaya and clotted cream, alongside an assortment of sweet treats — Rainbow Kueh Lapis, Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Dadar, and more.

Guests will also receive a pair of passes to the newly-reopened Peranakan Museum to further delve into the Peranakan community’s traditions, influences and lifestyles.

Rates start from S$600++ (US$440) per night.

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