Artotel, Absolute in alliance to deepen reach in Asia

Indonesia-based hospitality management company Artotel Group has established a strategic alliance with Thailand’s Absolute Hotel Services to mutually venture into fresh markets and destinations. The alliance will amplify their respective brand reach and foster an exchange of expertise and innovation.

Under this partnership, Artotel Group will extend its international presence by introducing Otelart properties, its signature global identity, to Thailand and Laos. These properties will operate under the licensure of Absolute Hotel Services.

Artotel Group’s Erastus Radjimin (fourth from left) and Absolute Hotel Services’s Karan Kaul (third from right) celebrate the partnership

At the same time, Absolute Hotel Services, which has several hotels in Bali, will introduce its U Hotels & Resorts, Eastin Hotels, and Eastin Grand Hotels brands to multiple destinations across Indonesia.

Jonathan Wigley, founder & CEO of Absolute Hotel Services, said in a media statement: “This collaboration is a testament to the synergy between complementary brands, operating in complementary markets, sharing a parallel DNA and company culture. Together, we are poised to create unparalleled guest experiences that seamlessly blend innovation, culture, and luxury.”

Erastus Radjimin, founder & CEO of Artotel Group, told TTG Asia that Thailand’s tourism industry is big and the market is “very competitive”, so an expansion into the country requires a “trusted and seasoned partner” like. Absolute Hotel Services.

For Absolute Hotel Services, Erastus said Artotel Group will be the strong local partner to help it navigate its expansion into the rest of Indonesia.

Erastus also shed light on the Otelart brand, saying that it will be similar to Artotel but with F&B outlets outsourced to experienced local players. While brand positioning is similar, rates will differ and be “in accordance with local market prices”.

When asked why Thailand and Laos are central for Otelart’s expansion, Erastus said: “There are business opportunities for us in these markets which are still growing. In Thailand, there is a gap in the boutique design hotel segment. Although Thailand has a lot of hotels, there are not many art-inspired design properties. Secondly, both countries are very rich in culture, so it is a lot easier for us to take the values of the arts when we design a hotel.”

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