Trek through time and culture with Avana Retreat

Avana Retreat has crafted trekking experiences in the mountainous region of Mai Chau in north-western Vietnam for guests to experience nature and learn more about the rich local heritage.

The Adventure Trek – View from the Top’ experience is an 8.5-hour journey with visits to local villages including that of the ethnic Hmong people and their traditional homes. Trekkers can enjoy incomparable views of the mountains, terraced fields, misty valleys and grasslands while making their way to the summit.

Trekkers can enjoy nature views and visit the local villages

On their way downhill, they experience another taste of local life with stops in ethnic Thai villages, one of the country’s more than 50 recognised ethnic groups that each have their own distinct culture, traditions, and language.

Avana’s Hmong Village Trek is more suitable for intermediate hikers – it comprises a full-day journey of the cultural elements from the Adventure Trek but covers less challenging terrain.

Both trek options include a picnic lunch.

Adventure Trek prices start from 1,350,000 dong (US$57) for one guest, with discounts for each additional participant. A group of five to 10 participants would cost about 780,000 dong per pax. The Hmong Village Trek is priced from 1,500,000 dong for one guest, and about 780,000 dong per pax for groups between five and 10 people.

For more information, visit Avana Retreat.

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