Learn the art of Batik at Avana Retreat

Set amid the homelands of the Hmong community, Avana Retreat is featuring new Batik (traditional painting and dyeing) classes led by a local Hmong artist.

The classes will be held at Avana Retreat’s 50-year-old Stilt House, an on-site museum, to help guests connect with the local customs and traditions.

Learn the art of Batik conducted at Avana Retreat’s Stilt House museum

The sessions will introduce to participants a beeswax art and indigo-dyeing technique that has been used for generations in the surrounding highlands.

Complimentary 60-minute sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with guests learning about the beeswax painting process – each participant will get to create their own unique patterns or use traditional Hmong designs.

There is a paid option for a 2.5-hour comprehensive class that is more hands-on and only available by reservation.

Avana Retreat also offers a tour of a nearby Hmong craft village where guests can watch this intricate art being created with a deeper knowledge of the story behind it.

Private workshops cost from US$50-75 per person and are only available to in-house guests.

For more information, visit Avana Retreat.

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