Resorts World Cruises announces Japan itineraries from Hong Kong

Resorts World Cruises has unveiled its six-day-five-night Naha-Miyakojima cruise aboard Resorts World One, which will depart every fortnight from Hong Kong, starting October 1, 2023.

Resorts World One will depart from Hong Kong every alternate Sundays to Okinawa – vacationers can also choose between the five-night Naha-Miyakojima cruise itinerary and the two- or three-night Sanya cruise itineraries.

Resorts World One will depart from Hong Kong fortnightly to Okinawa, Japan

The ship will sail to the islands of Naha and Miyakojima in the Okinawa prefecture, which are renowned for having some of Japan’s best beaches and tropical coastlines, natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and seafood cuisines.

As part of the cruise itinerary, vacationers will also cruise to Miyakojima, an island considered as one of the most beautiful spots in Japan.

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