Ayana Farm reopens with new experiences

Ayana Farm, located in the 90-hectare Ayana Estate in Jimbaran, Bali, has reopened to visitors with an expanded range of immersive, educational, and enriching experiences.

Ayana Farm is an organic oasis and learning centre that provides the estate with an array of produce and enables guests to experience sustainable farming techniques.

Guests can join the Jamu-making workshop at Ayana Farm

The Ayana Farm Walk welcomes guests and all community members to learn about the farm’s sustainability principles and traditional methods used to grow a diverse array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, edible flowers, and medicinal plants.

The Rediscover Agriculture at Ayana Farm experience lets guests explore sustainable farming practices, participate in activities such as planting and harvesting, and learn about the farm’s Apotek Hidup (living pharmacy), which highlights Balinese and Indonesian traditional medicinal knowledge. At the end of the visit, participants create their own herbal teas using Ayana Farm organic edible flowers and herbs.

In addition, those wishing to learn more about the ancient art of Indonesia’s traditional herbal remedies can join The Art of Djamoe by the Jamu Bar.

From July 27, guests can join the Farm-to-Bar Workshop and learn to craft their own personalised cocktails and mocktails using freshly harvested ingredients. There is also the Afternoon Tea at Ayana Farm for a more relaxing experience.

For more information, visit Ayana Farm.

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