Resorts World One cruises to Sanya in Hainan from September

Resorts World Cruises has announced its new winter season deployment for Resorts World One, cruising from Hong Kong to Sanya, Hainan.

Starting September 24, passengers can choose a series of cruise itineraries from Hong Kong, which include a three-night Sanya Cruise departing on Sundays, two-night Sanya Cruise departing on Wednesdays, and two-night Weekend Getaway Cruise departing on Fridays.

Resorts World One will offer cruises to Sanya in Hainan from September

In addition, other cruise packages available include five-night Hainan Cruise and Land-Stay from Sundays to Fridays with a three-night Sanya hotel stay, a one-week Hainan Cruise and Land-Stay departing and returning on Wednesdays with a four-night Sanya hotel stay, and a one-way Sanya Cruise to and from Sanya.

Sanya is a popular winter destination in China for Chinese and overseas tourists, with attractions such as sunny weather, beaches, sceneries, culture, food and duty-free shopping. In addition, Hainan is the only Chinese province which can be visited by citizens from 59 countries without the need to apply for a Chinese visa, with the only condition that visitors register with a local Hainan travel agency – this will be handled by Resorts World Cruises.

Resorts World Cruises’ president, Michael Goh, said: “On behalf of Resorts World Cruises, we would like to thank the Hainan, Sanya and Hong Kong authorities for their support that has led us to this deployment.”

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