Ayana Estate crafts immersive day camps for kids

Ayana Estate in Jimbaran will introduce two nature-inspired programmes for kids at the resort, commencing July 4.

The Island Camps at Ayana Estate are developed with Guidepost Montessori and Green Camp Bali, and will provide an engaging and immersive learning experience for young guests.

Activities at Green Camp Ayana will encourage children to learn about sustainability

One of the two programmes, Guidepost at Ayana will offer holiday programming for short-term guests’ children aged two to six, as well as an extended programme for families staying long-term on the island. It will comprise an array of activities designed to stimulate their minds and safely challenge their bodies. The programme’s four week-long themes will nurture children’s connection to nature, the underwater world, and foster understanding and appreciation of fresh food.

Green Camp Ayana will include a series of daily activities for children aged seven to 12. The immersive range of activities will develop children’s knowledge and awareness of sustainability and encourage their creativity while fostering respect for the natural world and different cultures through experiences like exploring insect and marine life, using natural materials to create art, learning survival skills, foraging for food at Ayana Estate’s organic farm, and more.

For more information, visit Ayana Estate.

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