Crystalbrook adds another hotel to its collection; develops sustainable growth strategy

Australia-headquartered Crystalbrook Collection has purchased a second property in Sydney down in The Rocks, allowing it to take its expansion plans forward.

Sophia Bakopanos, director brand and digital marketing, Crystalbook Collection, said: “We are working very closely with the local indigenous community in Sydney, where we speak with them about their stories and what’s important to them, so that we can use the hotel to help share and celebrate those stories. I think as tourism operators, this is something we have to be accountable for, as it is a pivotal part of Australian history,” she elaborated.

Each Crystalbrook property exudes its own personality based on its neighbourhood; Crystalbrook Kingsley, pictured

She stressed that none of Crystalbrook’s properties are “cookie-cutter”. Instead, each property sports its own personality derived from the location it stands in. Aside from protecting culture, minimising waste and promoting responsible travel are Crystalbrook’s other aims. The group currently has seven hotels in operation throughout Australia.

Bakopanos said: “We’re also quite keen to have a hotel in Melbourne; and if there’s an opportunity, New Zealand, (before we look even) farther afield. We want to ensure the company’s growth strategy is sustainable, while looking for opportunities to better the way in which our hotels operate.”

She told TTG Asia that Crystalbrook Collection is strong domestically, and international demand is returning slowly, aided by new air routes such as Virgin Australia’s Cairns-Haneda flight commencing June 28.

As such, Bakopanos is planning for the group’s “international PR strategy to build partnerships”, as well as collaboration with OTAs.

To garner more interest from the public, Crystalbook positions its bars and restaurants as destinations on their own.

“Hotels have a stigma that their restaurants aren’t great, so we’re trying to change that perception. So far, this strategy has worked out for us,” noted Bakopanos.

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