The Slate Phuket launches bold experiential travel

The Slate Phuket has introduced a new concept in experiential dining, launching the new BOLD brand, a series of events that encourage guests to Be Original, Light-hearted, and Daring.

Specially curated to deliver a truly authentic experience of Thailand’s largest island, guests will be ensured of a sensory adventure amid the playful backdrop of Bill Bensley-imagined spaces.

The Slate Phuket’s BOLD events invite guests to enjoy immersive, interactive, and memorable moments; Coqoon Spa pictured

Unlike ordinary dinners, BOLD events provides guests the opportunity to try something different. The first BOLD event in March is a Bong Appetit dinner where each course is infused with cannabis leaves, flowers or seeds, with Coqoon Spa offering CBD-infused treatments.

The next BOLD event in June is an immersion into Issan Food, broadening guests’ understanding of Thai cuisine by introducing them to rustic dishes reimagined with flair and fun.

The Slate Phuket will plan signature BOLD events throughout the year, to complement its Vibrations music festivals, making it a year-round destination for the hottest events in Phuket.

For more information, visit The Slate Phuket.

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