Utah woos India with new training platform

Utah Office of Tourism has stepped up its trade and consumer efforts in India by organising its first standalone tourism missions in the market from January 16 to 20, covering the cities of Mumbai and New Delhi.

With the pandemic situation improved, the tourism body aims to engage with Indian travel trade and media, as well as create awareness about the destination.

Bremer: travel agents here are ready to expand beyond East and West Coast of the US

Plans for the market include working with social media influencers, strengthening digital presence with OTAs, hosting fam trips for travel agents, and launching B2B as well as B2C marketing campaigns.

Rachel Bremer, global markets director, Utah Office of Tourism, shared: “Our interactions with travel agents have been positive. Travel agents here are ready to expand beyond East and West Coast of the US and sell more immersive and outdoor products, like Utah.”

In February, it will also introduce a new training platform, Utah Specialist Academy, for Indian travel agents, giving them an opportunity to be certified as Utah specialists and promote experiences like road trips, skiing and national parks to the Indian market.

Apart from leisure, luxury, and visiting friends and relatives, it is also targeting the Indian business events segment.

“We are looking to host incentive groups of 50 to 100 pax in strength. We have some interesting lodges that can host archery or horse riding for team-building activities. Incentive groups can also enjoy hiking in our national parks,” added Bremer.

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