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Surrounded by the verdant landscapes of Green Springs lifestyle complex and overlooking the sprawling Showa Kenin Park – with the snowy peak of Mount Fuji in the line of sight on a great day, Sorano Hotel offers a serene and refreshing retreat not too far from the heart of Tokyo

Dogs are welcomed at the hotel

Opened in 2020 when Japan was still closed off to the world and domestic movements were limited, Sorano Hotel in Tachikawa, a city in western Tokyo Metropolis, became a well-kept secret of Tokyo urbanites looking to escape the humdrum of city life.

Now that Japan is welcoming international travellers again, Sorano Hotel can finally demonstrate to a wider audience why it is so loved by local Tokyo staycationers.

A 30-minute train ride from Tokyo’s Shinjuku takes one from a busy part of the Japanese metropolis to a quieter district where gardens and open spaces are visible in all directions.

This district is the new Green Springs multipurpose lifestyle development that was launched to a limited and domestic public in April 2020, when international travel was heavily restricted to stave off Covid-19 infections.

The biophilic design of Green Springs means visitors are brought into a garden city, where public spaces are filled with trees, shrubs and plenty of places for rest and interactions.

Benefiting from this concept is Sorano Hotel, whose prominent entrance resembles a tent. Stepping within, guests will find themselves in a cocoon of light-coloured wood and gentle shades of grey and white, complemented by endless stretches of greens beyond the enormous windows.

Sorano Hotel offers just 81 keys, which helps to maintain its intimate and serene setting for guests looking to rejuvenate in peace. Rooms are generously sized – from 52m2 standard rooms to 86m2 one-bedroom suites.

Among standard rooms, there are four types on offer – Sky King Park View, Premier Park View, Wa Modern Park View, and Wa Modern Garden Terrace. They are differentiated by Japanese or western-style layout, and by the levels they are on.

I spent the night in a Premier Park View on level eight, and I adore it for its space, therapeutic green views from my balcony, and palette of earthy and neutral shades. What I love even more is its lightning system, which comes in Day, Night and Midnight modes. Lights turn up and down progressively over 17 seconds to mimic sunrise and sunset.

The room offers twin beds and an oversized ottoman that can be combined with the sofa to create a third bed. This is an ideal option for families with young children. Another treat is the large bathroom that comes with both a bath and shower.

I had a peek into a Japanese-style standard room, which comes furnished with thick futon-style mattresses on a tatami floor plus a low table where guests can sit at for a cup of matcha. It is a tantalising option for travellers wanting a local stay experience in a modern hotel.

Another good point to note – the hotel is pet-friendly!

There are two dining venues– Daichino Restaurant on the ground floor and Sorano Rooftop Bar on level 11.

Daichino Restaurant takes pride in using locally-sourced ingredients, with priority given to fresh and seasonal produce – particularly vegetables – from the Tama region where Tachikawa belongs. The sustainability-focused kitchen will source from around Japan when needed.

Its menu claims to showcase “Japanese crossover food” which is defined as Japanese food fused with “the essences of dishes from various countries”. I am not sure what that means because my bento lunch was as Japanese as I could wish my meal to be. I am impressed by the visual presentation and flavours of my lunchbox. The six bite-sized dishes – comprising delicacies like straw-smoked autumn salmon and Shiratama miso-glazed eggplant – and accompanying seasoned rice and red miso soup are memorable.

I did not have time for a post-dinner tipple at Sorano Rooftop Bar, but I was able to pop in quickly to assess the space in the afternoon. With it located on the topmost floor, the bar boasts picturesque views of Showa Kinen Park and Mount Fuji in the distance.

Private parties can take their pick of a 12-seat or 16-seat private dining room. There is a 40-seat Terrace that is a great spot for furkids to laze alongside their hoomans.

Sorano Spa is not to be missed. It comprises a 60-metre infinity pool plus a shallow wading pool for children; an indoor spa with piped-in hot spring water that is temperature controlled for year-round use; a Nano-Mist Sauna that uses ultra-fine particles; and a gym. Aqua tai-chi and yoga lessons are offered too.

A quick look at the hotel’s website reveals even more – and rather fascinating – wellness treatments, such as Full Moon Watsu Aqua Therapy that draws on the spiritual healing powers of, well, a full moon.

The service team carry themselves elegantly, speaks well in English, and is attentive. My host at Daichino Restaurant took the time to introduce every dish he brought out to me.

I am a city girl who loves escaping the city buzz while wanting modern conveniences and the occasional luxury treatment. Sorana Hotel satisfies all that I desire, while gifting me with the convenience of being in such close proximity to the beautiful Showa Kinen Park and the Tachikawa train station which can connect me with the Tokyo city centre.

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Tel: +81 0 42 540 7777

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