Trade partners enjoy lower pricing with Qantas’ Distribution Platform

Qantas’ trade partners will benefit from lower pricing when booking Australian domestic fares through the carrier’s next-generation distribution platform from November 29.

The lower fares will be made available to all travel agents, travel management companies and online booking tools accessing content via the Qantas Distribution Platform.

Qantas’ Distribution Platform will offer lower domestic fares to trade partners from November 29

Built using IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards, Qantas Distribution Platform was designed to modernise the service that trade partners provide to customers with a wider range of products, features and capabilities.

Since its launch, Qantas has continued to invest in the platform’s capabilities, releasing special offers and new revenue opportunities, growing its network of Technology Partners and expanding the program internationally.

For partners still in the process of connecting to the platform, Qantas will provide extra support in the three months leading up to the launch of lower pricing.

Travel agents who have registered in the Qantas Channel can access Qantas Distribution Platform content via either an Approved Technology Partner, or by developing a direct connection to Qantas’ NDC XML Application Program Interface (API).

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