WTS Travel and partners launch sustainability-focused resort at Changi Village

WTS Travel and partners will develop a sustainable resort at Singapore’s Changi Village, converting upcycled decommissioned public buses into guestrooms.

Tentatively named The Bus Resort, the property will reside on a vacant state land next to Changi Village’s hawker centre, and aims to revitalise tourism in the area and help both domestic and international tourists discover a part of Singapore steeped in history, culinary specialties and sports activities.

An artist’s impression of The Bus Resort, where decommissioned public buses will be transformed into guest rooms (Photo: WTS Travel)

The Bus Resort is scheduled to open in 2Q2023.

Through this resort, WTS will showcase how city and natural elements can be sustainably integrated in the reconstruction of buses into guestrooms, providing a unique getaway experience that appeals to a growing segment of eco-conscious travellers. Not only will the project showcase the possibilities of upcycling and creative ideas for sustainability, it will also create employment opportunities.

WTS travel managing director, Micker Sia, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for Singapore, WTS Travel and partners (LHN Group and Sky Win Holding) to showcase how tourism, nature and environmentalism can come together for the benefit of our community.

“Through the execution of creative ideas, we can upcycle existing resources and create unique and exciting new experiences for both locals and tourists.”

The Bus Resort will occupy over 8,600m² and feature 20 rooms, with an Events and Experiences Centre for activities such as Pilates, yoga and other mindfulness-focused experiences.

It will plug into the Changi Village ecosystem of F&B, retail stores and attractions and contribute to the precinct’s culture and ecosystem as a place to enjoy wellness and recuperate away from the city life.

Officiating the ground-breaking ceremony was Maliki Osman, minister in the prime minister’s office, second minister for education & foreign affairs and grassroots adviser for East Coast GRC GROs (Siglap), who commented that the project “demonstrates an innovative way to create exciting experiences while also upcycling”.

“We hope to see more such developments which bring value to the community while also serving our longer-term goals of a green and vibrant East Coast,” he added.

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