Air Premia commences Korea-Singapore services

South Korean airline, Air Premia, launched on July 16 its first flight to Singapore from Incheon in partnership with Changi Travel International as its GSA for the city-state.

For a start, the airline will provide thrice weekly services between the two points and will ramp up operations to four times a week from July 25.

Air Premia is a hybrid service carrier focussing on medium and longhaul routes

Positioned as a hybrid service carrier, Air Premia will focus on medium and longhaul routes. It aims to fill the gap in the market by fulfilling routes which low-cost carriers are not able to fly, and full-service carriers cannot provide attractive prices for.

It operates with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, in a two-class seat configuration comprising 56 Premium Economy seats and 253 seats in Economy class.

“With (South) Korea being an immensely popular destination for Singaporeans and vice versa, we are excited to offer travellers greater value and a superior experience for their travels,” said Ricky Chua, head of CTI.

Myongseob Yoo, chief executive officer, Air Premia, said: “As (South) Korea’s first hybrid airline, we want to make travellers’ journeys more comfortable and happier with high-quality services at reasonable prices. Starting with Singapore, we will continue to operate medium and longhaul distance routes so that more customers can experience Air Premia’s exclusive services.”

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